Friday—Sunday,  May 24-26, 2019     10:00am-5:00pm      Tuition:  $525.00   


*Recommended for intermediate to advanced painters

Come paint Vermont as the extraordinary Charlie Hunter sees it! Three days immersed in the Vermont landscape of small towns, working farms and the evanescent tragedy of post-pastoral, post-industrial New England. The point of this workshop is to offer a new perspective about why we choose to paint what we do and to try out some new techniques in the field. In this fast-moving, wide-ranging workshop, Charlie Hunter will lead a class focusing on his unique approach to painting and sense of composition when painting from life. 


Hunter will start with a morning painting demonstration using his limited-palette, carefully-observed technique. After a lunch break, the class will then concentrate on their own paintings. At the end of the day, participants will gather with their work for spirited critique and discussion.


“Hunter’s paintings are simultaneously soft and crisp; through his flawless perspective and the accuracy of his shadows, we almost get an impression of photo-realism. But look for just a moment longer, and you see the grace of his brushstrokes, a feeling of haze, of human-handedness. The technical skill is sharp, but the tenor of the work is as ethereal and mysterious and reverberating as our emotions and  our memories.” – Christy Woods, ARTSCOPE



To Register: Penelope Simpson or call: 802-246-7742